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Two wonderful parents sent me this testimonial today. What an honor it was to be a part of their little boy’s life for six months!

“Our son was diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum when he was two and a half. We searched in our home country of The Netherlands for the resources to implement an early intervention therapy plan with no success. We then looked worldwide for the right combination of ABA, speech/oral motor, feeding and occupational therapy within a friendly environment. Finally we found the Center for Growth and Development in Wilton, CT.

After a number of remote consultations we arranged a six month course of intensive therapy for our son using primarily the excellent therapists at the Center along with a handful of specialists from the area who work hand in glove with the Center to ensure consistent reinforcement.

Upon arrival our son was practically non-verbal, emotionally disregulated and challenged with motor planning. Within weeks he began uttering words and by the end of the course had three to four word phrases and had moved beyond simply labelling towards using language more appropriately. Similarly his exploration of physical space and awareness of his own position, movement and posture improved immeasurably. His overall regulation became far more predictable and after only a short period of time we were able to leave our son at the Center with his therapists without any manifestation of separation anxiety.

We cannot speak highly enough of the therapists at the Center. It goes without saying that they were all highly skilled and experienced but most pleasing was the empathy and understanding they all had for our son and for us. In fact one of the hardest things with having a non-verbal child is handing him or her into the care of another person because they cannot tell you how they are being treated. We never had any concerns on this front and had absolute trust in the Center and their staff from day one.

Our son still has many challenges ahead of him but we know without a shadow of doubt that the intervention and therapy he received at the Center for Growth and Development has made a real difference to his chances of leading an independent life and fulfilling his potential. We would wholeheartedly encourage any parents in a situation similar to ours, particularly if they live in a region where the resources for early intervention are scarce or non-existent, to contact the Center to develop a program for their child.”

Colin & Shirley Iles (Netherlands)

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