School Shadowing

As a component to a comprehensive ABA program, the Center provides school shadowing services.  A shadow is a trained ABA therapist or Behavior Analyst who provides your child with the level of support necessary for him/her to be successful in a regular education setting.

A shadow is a member of your child’s therapy team who intimately understands his/her needs and has the skills to promote academic participation and social interactions to make the school day as productive as possible. Shadows regularly consult with classroom teachers and related service providers, modify classwork as necessary, and may pre-teach and post-teach school lessons to ensure new information is learned.

A shadow is skilled in providing the amount of support your child needs to be successful, and stepping back when support is not needed in order to promote independence. Through strategic prompting and fading techniques, support is systematically reduced over time. The ultimate goal is your child fully participating in school without shadow support.