What therapies does the center offer?

The Center offers Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, which includes Verbal Behavior, Natural Environment Teaching, Discrete Trial Training, Functional Behavior Assessments, Behavior Intervention Plans, School Shadowing, Behavioral Consultation, and more.

Where does therapy take place?

There are many options! Therapy can take place  at our Center in Wilton, CT, at your home, in public and private schools, and various other community locations. We have worked with children at summer camps, sports classes, music lessons, and any other activity that might require some support, facilitation, or teaching. Most students receive therapy in multiple locations.

How long has the Center been in business?

The Center was founded in 2002. This year we celebrate 12 years of helping children live fuller lives.

Do you take insurance?

Many of our current Center families receive reimbursement from their health insurance company.  While we do not accept payment directly from insurance companies, we are in regular contact with your insurance company to provide the support and documentation necessary to help you get reimbursed.

What about Speech, OT, PT, and other related services?

See our Resource Network page! We have a network of professionals who are top in their field and regularly collaborate with the Center. Most of these professionals will provide treatment on-site in our Wilton location if that is most convenient for you and your child.

Is my child too high/low functioning for ABA?

A quality ABA program thoughtfully developed by experienced professionals can benefit children with a wide range of needs. Teaching may include everything from making first speech sounds and basic imitation to development of theory of mind and understanding social subtleties.

Does "ABA" mean that my child will be in a chair doing discrete trials all day?

No. Some traditional ABA programs involved a great deal of discrete trial table work. Our model is more flexible and inclusive. While some direct teaching takes place at a table for children who are old enough, it is balanced with teaching of play skills, social skills, and an emphasis on flexibility and generalization.

How will I know if my child is making progress?

Data is collected during each therapy session. Progress is graphed and reports are generated to assess progress. Each child has a team meeting every other week. Team meetings include your child’s assigned BCBA, team of ABA therapists, you, and any other family members, caregivers or service providers you would like to include. During team meetings progress is reviewed and team members work with your child to demonstrate newly acquired skills. Plans for the next two weeks are outlined.

Does ABA result in my child becoming rote or robotic?

Our ABA program is designed specifically to develop independent thinking skills, promote flexibility, and generalization across people, locations, and materials. A quality ABA program will not cause a child to become robotic.

Do you offer parent training?

Yes! Both formal and informal parent and family training is available. Trainings can be general, or focus on a specific area of need for you and your child. Each parent training is customized. Grandparents, nannies, and other caregivers are encouraged to take part.

Is the therapy all 1:1?

Yes. With the exception of higher level social groups, all therapy and school shadowing is 1:1.

Is my child too young/old for ABA?

We have experience designing therapeutic programs for individuals spanning from toddlers through young adults.

What about interacting with typical peers?

Typical peer interaction is an important component of programming for children with Autism. Our program includes opportunities to interact with and learn from typical peers throughout the day as we have a preschool for typical children on-site.

Will my child be able to join the typical preschool?

Yes! The on-site preschool allows us the flexibility of inclusion at the moments that are most opportune for your child. The preschool’s daily schedule includes free play, snack, circle time, story, art, outside play, and lunch. Your child and his/her therapist can join any of the activities depending on the goals set by the team. Additionally, typical children can be taken out of daycare to join your child in therapy for a 1:1 peer play or small group activity. Our on-site preschool serves as an excellent stepping stone to participating in a community preschool program with therapist support.

Do you shadow students in school settings?

Yes! We have shadowed in many schools in Fairfield County, Westchester County, and northern New Jersey. We have experience shadowing in both public and private school settings, including preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, and even college! The vast majority of our students participate in regular education with support.

Can I observe my child in therapy sessions?

Of course. There are several options for observing sessions including live video observation, sitting in on sessions, and watching through two-way mirrors.

What if my child still has to nap?

Therapy can be scheduled around nap times. If you would like your child to remain at the Center for nap time, there is the option for him/her to join our daycare for nap time.

What is the education and training of your therapists?

Board Certified Behavior Analysts oversee all of the programming at the Center. All therapists have college degrees and extensive training and supervision in ABA. Many of our staff members hold Bachelor's and Master's degrees in education, special education, behavior analysis, social work, and other related fields. The Center employs several BCBAs and BCaBAs. Additionally, we boast remarkable staff retention with many staff members approaching their 10th anniversary with the Center.

What is your staff turnover rate?

The Center boasts remarkable staff longevity. Over half of our staff has been with the Center longer than five years. More than a third of the ABA staff has been working together at the Center for over 10 years!